Because it takes knowing, more than , what buttons to press to implement JD Edwards

About Us

The RAAS Advantage

  • Over 20 years of business experience in Canada and USA
  • Experience in over 35 JD Edwards projects in World and One World
  • A very strong understanding of the Integration points between Manufacturing, Property Management, Job Cost, Fixed Assets, Contract Billing & Multi-Currency with Financials in JD Edwards
  • Professional Affiliations with Society of Management Accountants of Ontario (CMA), Project Management Institute (PMP) and APICS.
  • Experienced in multi-billion $ companies involving multi-currency
  • One stop shop stop for JDE, Process Redesign, Performance Measurement & Project Management projects

Our Promise to recruiters and Oracle business partners

  • We will play by the rules, we have been in the consulting space for over 15 years and have a reputation of never letting down anyone.
  • We will abide by all the  non disclosure non compete agreements  in letter and in spirit and will earn your continued business by earning your trust
  • We will work with your team  and do every thing that is possible to ensure the project  will be a success and the end client will continue to use your services and earn your reference
  • We will treat with utmost respect, courtesy and professionalism

Our Promise to End Clients…
We Will….

  • Only take on assignments that we are competent to do or have the backing of a competent subject matter expert guiding us
  • Not hesitate to tell you that  “we do not know” when we  are in doubt about a subject and  ask you for more time to get back to with an accurate answer
  • Provide you with alternatives and recommend an option, the option that we would recommend may not always be what you want to hear, we will let you make the final decision and support you on your course of action. We  will thoroughly document our  work, so that you would have a point of reference to the rational of the decisions you made
  • Respect your budget and complete the assignment given to us in the least possible time and earn your reference
  • Treat you with respect and conduct our selves with honesty and integrity and  we will earn your trust and respect


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